Welcome K16 – The School Of Engineering And Computer Science: A Journey To The Creative Valley At The Beginning Of The Course

The K16 freshmen of the School of Engineering and Computer Science SIU had a memorable journey to Vietnam’s top technology valleys.
The program started with a visit to DXC Technology Global, guided by Miss Janny, Senior Talent Acquisition. At the first station, students had the opportunity to learn about the global culture of DXC and the DECP internship program.

Miss Janny gave the best pieces of advice to SIU freshmen that they should choose to develop their “one skill for all” and have the right direction from the beginning to enter the race quickly.

On the same page as Miss Janny, Mr. Nguyen Van Diep, Project Director of TMA Technology Group, suggested the current technology trends. Mr Diep also introduced TMA Innovation Park in the Creative Valley of Quy Nhon, which aims to become the technology center contributing to the scientific, technical, and socio-economic development of the Central Highlands.

“Currently, the project focuses on investing in data development, which will be a big chance for students in Computer Science, especially those specializing in BigData”, Mr Diep shared in a statement.

At the 3rd station, Mr Vu Thanh Tuan, head of the recruitment office of FPT Software, revealed that only about 30% of CVs pass the recruitment process at Fsoft, while the HR positions often do not meet the KPI requirements. Looking towards 2030, the Fsoft workforce is expected to reach 110,000 employees, about 3.5 times the current number of 30,000 employees.

Mr Tuan believed that stepping into the technology is not difficult, and what freshmen need to do is early orientation, and focusing on their concentration and language proficiency.

Mr. Le Ngoc Hieu, Director of Bang Huu Technical Service Trading Limited Liability Company, shared his fortunate experience in participating in digital transformation projects in Singapore and Malaysia. According to Mr. Hieu, projects on the cloud services platform are currently a dominant trend. Companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Alibaba, Oracle, etc., provide valuable international certification courses in this field.

“These certifications, combined with foundational knowledge acquired from university education, will be a significant advantage for job applications,” affirmed Mr. Hieu.

At the 5th station, Mr. Doan Vu Trung, Sales Manager of BRAVO Software Joint Stock Company, introduced the direction of Generative AI – the “new force” in the labor market. Many subgroups of Generative AI are being applied in various enterprises, opening up new possibilities.

Representative of BRAVO Software Joint Stock Company said that the domestic market is still promising and many enterprises need support for digital transformation.

Many freshmen expressed their concerns about the global wave of layoffs in BigTech companies and the saturation of IT in the Western market.

However, the guests provided reasonable explanations for this wave and emphasized that a “standard” candidate – someone who is always ready to learn and adapt to new circumstances – is the key to seizing career opportunities.

Associate Professor Dr. Tran Cong Hung, Head of the School of Engineering and Computer Science, emphasized the innovation aspect of the curriculum at SIU: “After 2 years, starting from the third year, you can participate in part-time work on projects and be provided with conditions to balance work and study.”

In addition to equipping students with specialized knowledge and professional skills to enter the job market, the SIU Early Career Guidance program also focuses on accompanying and supporting students in pursuing international certification courses from top-notch universities around the world.

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