1. After each semester, students must stop attending school in the following cases:

a) Semester GPA is below 0.80 for the first semester; below 1.00 for the next semester or below 1.10 for two consecutive semesters;

b) Cumulative GPA is below 1.20 for freshmen; below 1.40 for sophomores; below 1.60 for juniors or below 1.80 for students in the next years and for seniors;

c) Exceed the maximum time allowed to study at school prescribed in Clause 3, Article 6 of this regulation;

d) Students are given a disciplined action the second time for taking the exam for somebody else or asking somebody else to sit in their exam (Students who take the exam for somebody else or ask somebody else to take the exam for them will be suspended from school for one year for the first violation and expelled from school for the second violation.) or are disciplined to the level of being erased from the school’s list of students.

2. No later than one month after students receive their decision of expulsion, the school has to notify the students’ local authority where students reside. In case there are programs or equivalent at a lower level in other schools or student’s current school, the student who is subject to expulsion prescribed in points a, b and c, Clause 1 of this Article can transfer to these programs and reserve part of the academic results of the former program when enrolling in the new one. The Chancellor takes consideration for reserving academic results for each specific case.