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General Regulations For SIU AI Lab

1.  Comply with all university safety and security regulations. 2. Comply with the regulations and guidelines on fire prevention and firefighting, rescue, and evacuation. 3. Do not bring or use prohibited and hazardous materials, tools, or devices in the AI [...]

Guidelines and Regulations for Using Server

Registering for a server account For staff and faculty: Request the System Administrator to provide a server account with username, password, and manual. For students: Students conducting research or thesis are eligible for a server account. Students may contact their [...]

Guidelines and Regulations for Using Equipment and Robots

Guidelines and Regulations for Using Equipment and Robots Registering for equipment borrowing and use Eligible borrowers For staff and faculty: Request the Equipment Manager to generate a borrow card on the software and give your signature before taking the equipment. [...]

Rules for Using Practice Tables – Rooms – Bars

I. Students must 1. Only enter the practice area accompanied by an instructor or a staff member. 2. Wear the Hospitality Management uniform and tie up their hair into a bun (for female students) during practice. - Practice at reception, [...]

Faculty of Engineering & Computer Science training program

1.PROGRAM EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVES (PEOs) The main objective of the bachelor’s degree program in Computer Science is to produce graduates: PEO1: to work effectively and successfully in their chosen profession, and pursue higher education. PEO2: to take social responsibility, especially [...]

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