The Saigon International University jubilantly celebrates Halloween Festival

On the evening of 31/10/2013, The Saigon International University (SIU) jubilantly celebrates Halloween Festival – one of the most anticipated events of the year attracting a large number of students. The program’s purpose is to give students an opportunity to meet and exchange, improve solidarity and learn about the special culture of the Western Halloween Festival.

The atmosphere at Lewis Campus from the afternoon of October 31,2013 becomes more exciting than ever when SIU’s teachers and students are eager to complete preparatory works for the upcoming Halloween night. Halloween Festival 2013 is implemented with a large-scale plan and meticulous investment. Modern light, sound systems and stage are designed with impressive Halloween style. The event is expected to bring students memorable and jubilant moment.

Prior to that, since October 15, the Halloween program has taken place ebulliently with Video clip contest. This is the first time SIU hold the Video clip contest. Students build clips with Halloween theme to participate in the contest. They themselves write the screenplays, perform and film their clips. Completed clips are sent to the school’s organization department before 25/10 and then they are voted on the school’s YouTube channel. Although made by amateur filmmakers, all video clips are highly appreciated by the organization department because of their creativeness, uniqueness and impressive Halloween style.

A scene of Halloween Festival at SIU before performance time

At 6 o’clock pm, the monumental Halloween stage with dreadful pictures and sounds at Lewis Campus and students in spooky costumes are ready for the special Halloween night.

SIU students in impressive Halloween costumes

The play “Oan Le” performed by students from Business Administration Department – Course III is very impressive and meaningful, opening Halloween Festival 2013. The play is cheered enthusiastically by audiences. The play does not only bring audiences Halloween atmosphere but also convey the meaning of life and the law of cause and effect in the world.

The play “Oan Le” performed by students from Business Administration Department – Course III

The atmosphere of the festival becomes more and more exciting with performances: “The Wedding”, “Ac gia ac bao” and “Funny Zombie”. With creepy light and sound effects, students’ performances are very impressive. Especially, beautiful and creative dances of “Zombie” create vibrant atmosphere at the festival.

“The Wedding” by students of English Department – Course VI

“Ac gia ac bao” by students of Foreign Trade major – Course III

Funny Zombie” by students of Course IV

“Halloween catwalk” and “Fairy” receive a great cheer and compliment from the audiences. With strange and sophisticated costumes and a unique catwalk style, students make the atmosphere become more colorful and funny.

Halloween fashion show

After the fashion show, the stage is heated again with a “Quick Makeup” competition. At this competition, each class chooses 2 participants. One is a model and one is a make-up artist. They have to complete their competition on the stage in 15 minutes. The ingenuity and creativity of the contestants make the festival more attractive. The Halloween Festival creates an enjoyable competition and a humorous atmosphere for all SIU students. At this festival, they have a chance to spend time together completing unique video clips. This brings the festival new colors, making it become a memorable moment at SIU.

Students in the “Quick Makeup” competition

The festival ends with a great success. The organization department commends and awards impressive and unique performances. All of the students have a deep impression of the festival. In the next programs and events, SIU will maintain and improve the spirit of solidarity between students, making them become a strong community.

Perceived by students:


Nguyen Phuong Thuy Diem Thuy Tien – A student of class 11DTM

“I am very happy when participating in the Halloween Festival tonight. This is a chance for all students to relax after studying hours. Halloween Festival is also a playground where we can show our creativity as well as our enthusiasm. I hope that there will be more activities like this at school”.


Vo Truc Quan – A student of class 11DKD

“This year, the Halloween Festival is really cool and meaningful. The festival gives students a chance to spend time together and improve creative abilities through competitions. I hope that the school will hold many programs like this for us to have more memorable moments at SIU”.


Dang Thi Viet Ha – A student of class 12DKD

“Halloween is an exciting and monumental festival, bringing memorable moments to students. Attending this Western Halloween Festival, my friends and I know more about a new culture in the world. I hope that the school’s next programs and events will attract more participants and we will have many chances to meet and exchange with all student of the school”.


Nguyen Thi Hong Vi – A student of class 12DDN

“Halloween is a useful playground for students to show their talent. This is the most anticipated events of the year. The performances are very attractive and I have a deep impression of them”.


Nguyen Quoc Viet – A student of class 11DTM

“I am proud to be a student of the Saigon International University. Beside a high quality studying program, the school often holds useful extracurricular activities. The Halloween Festival 2013 is very meaningful and special. My friends and I are very happy when participating in the festival”.

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