Tainan National University of the Arts (TNNUA), was established in 1989 in Guantian District, Tainan City, Taiwan. The school has a mission to nurture talent in professional art fields.

Currently, TNNUA has many related academic fields, including the Faculty of Music, the Faculty of Fine Arts , the Faculty of Sound and Image, the Faculty of Literature and Cultural Heritage, and the General Education Department. The school boasts a wide range of different research topics, students are free to choose the topics they like to pursue.
National Tainan University of Arts always aims to expand its network of international cooperation relationships with prestigious universities around the world. The school has a total of more than 1,673 students, including about 74 international students. Besides, the school boasts more than 223 scholars devoted to teaching and research.

The school’s campus is located in a quiet rural area; Next to the campus there is a water reservoir. Students live separately from the city and create a closed community. At the same time, they are not too far from the city and have access not only to urban entertainment, such as cinemas and restaurants, but also to extracurricular activities.
TNNUA also offers a number of academic and non-academic amenities and services to students, including libraries, housing, sports facilities, financial aid and/or scholarships, study abroad programs and awards. exchange, as well as administrative services

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