Gender: Female

Year of birth: July 8, 1957

Place of birth: : Hanoi

Native place: Nam Dinh

University degree major: Law; Training Institution: Faculty of Law, Cuban General University, Kraxnoda city, Soviet Union (former).

Working unit: The Saigon International University

Position: Lecturer

Education levelDoctor; Year: 1991; Major: Law; Training Institution: Soviet Union (former)

Academic title:

Teaching major:

Research field:

Foreign language: Russian, English.

Contact address: The Saigon International University.

Teaching and working summary

15/12/1981 – 7/1987: Manage and supervise the curriculum and teaching quality of law universities and intermediate schools at the Department of Training, Ministry of Justice.

8/1987 – 10/1994: PhD student at Ircutxc General University, Ircutxc City, Russian Federation (thesis defence in Saint Petersburg City, Russian Federation).

11/1994 – 8/2012: Drafting, appraising and commenting on legal documents in the field of civil-economic law (directly participated in drafting the Civil Code in 1995, 2005, 2015: is the legal normative document drafted by the Ministry of Justice) at the Department of Civil-Economic Law, Ministry of Justice.

8/2013 to present: retired

Scientific research

[1] State-level project: “Scientific and practical basis on renovating the organization and operation of judgment execution in Vietnam in the new period”. Project collaborator: Hoang Thi Thuy Hang. Year: 2003.

[2] Ministerial project: “Improving the laws on ownership in the market economy of our country” – “Civil Code – Restrictions and directions for improvement” project. Project collaborator: Hoang Thi Thuy Hang. Year: 2011-2014.

Articles, scientific reports, books and textbooks

[1] Commenting on the new contents of the 2005 Civil Code. Judicial Publishing House, Hanoi (Co-author of the monograph). Year: 2005

[2] Major amendments in the “Property and Property ownership” Section of the 2005 Civil Code. Journal of Democracy and Law, Project on the 2005 Civil Code. Hanoi. Year: 2005

[3] Issues requiring amendments and supplements to property ownership right in the Vietnam Civil Code. Journal of Democracy and Law, Project on the 2005 Civil Code (property ownership and contract section). Hanoi. Year: 2010

[4] Institution on property right and plans to amend “Property and property ownership” section in the 2005 Vietnam’s Civil Code. Law Review No. 4, 2013, Hanoi Law University. Journal of Law, Hanoi Law University No.4 Year: 2013.

[5] Registration of property ownership: publicization to ensure safety in transactions. Law Journal, Hanoi. Project No.1 Year: 11/2004.

[6] Perfecting the regulations on ownership rights and rights of non-owners in the Vietnam Civil Code for better protection of the enterprise’s property rights. Law Journal in collaboration with Enterprise Legal Support Program. Project “Civil Code and issues require amendments and supplements to meet business and investment requirements of enterprises”. No. 5/2013. Year: 2013.