Gender: Male

Year of birth: April 10, 1950

Place of birth: : Ha Nam

Native place: Nhan Nghia, Ly Nhan, Ha Nam

University degree major: At Physics Faculty; Major: Electronic; Training Institution: Ukraine.

Working unit: The Saigon International University

Position: Lecturer

Education levelDoctor; Year: 1992; Major: Economic; Training Institution: Russian Economic Academy Plekhanov, Moscow

Academic title:

Teaching major:

Research field:

Foreign language: English, Russian.

Contact address: The Saigon International University.

Teaching and working summary

1975 – 1979: Technician, implementing the quality assurance of imported medical machines from medical equipment company, Department of Medical supplies and equipment, Ministry of Health

1980 – 1984: Head of the supervising and supporting group to the operation and use of extremely rare and valuable scientific equipment at scientific centres, specialized analysis at the Department of Scientific Equipment and Materials, the National Council for Science and Technology.

04/2014 – present: Lecturer of The Saigon International University

Scientific research