Siu Students’ Perspectives About The Library

Ho Ngoc Hoang Tam – English Language

As a university student, I often have to search for many different sources of documents to complete the assigned presentations or essays. Many students today still often search for documents online because of the convenience and the rich source of documents, but the downside is the lack of accuracy in the origin and citation. Fortunately, the library of the Saigon International University has met the needs of students with a rich and accurate source of documents. What makes me feel most excited with the documents from our library is that they are completely in English and imported from abroad, giving me a genuine feeling that I am studying abroad in an international school. Besides specialized documents, SIU library also offers many other genres of books such as novels, short stories, “How to Win Friends and Influence People”, serving the entertainment needs of students.

Tran Nhat Phuong – Class 10CDN – International Business

The library is an ideal place for self-study, group meetings and review for exams. I find the place very spacious, comfortable and quiet. The materials serving the students’ study and research needs are quite complete, especially the English documents. Me and my group members often come here for discussions or reference searching for our essays and scientific research papers.

Tran Thi Đai Trang – Class 10CKD – Business Administration

After long class hours, I often go to the library to read books. I often focus on English books to support my essay writing. Books available at the library have provided me with a ton of useful knowledge, not only in my learning process but also in my thesis. In addition, the digital library is also a very useful and convenient tool, effectively serving the needs of our students in studying as well as relaxing and entertaining.

Nguyen Phan Ky Duyen – Class 12CDN – Foreign Trade

The library has quite comfortable and modern facilities and extremely diverse and rich sources of documents. I often go to the library to search for books and journals in order to write essays assigned in research courses. I am satisfied with the quality of the documents here.

Tran Đinh Huy – Class 10CDN – Foreign Trade

The library is a pretty good place for group study. Because our curriculum is taught both in Vietnamese and English, we need a lot of textbooks and reference materials, especially the English documents. In this aspect, I think the library fully meets the needs of our students. I hope that in the coming time, the school will keep on investing in quality and the library scope will get larger and more complete so that we can be beneficial with the best learning environment.

Le Ngoc Doanh Doanh – Class 12CKD – Business Administration

In my free time after class hours, I often go to the library to read books. I am very comfortable when I am in the library because the space is quiet and spacious. There are many types of good books arranged scientifically and neatly. The foreign literature books are useful documents that help not only me but students of other programs when it comes to our study and scientific research.

Tren Quoc Vinh – Class 12CDN – Foreign Trade

The library has a modern, beautiful design with an airy and cool space. The school always facilitates students’ books reading and documents look-up. I often use the digital library to access online sources of documents and information. I find this a very useful and convenient tool. The quality of Internet connection is quite high, effectively serving our students in realizing their learning purposes.

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