SIU Sports Festival 2012


To the delight of participants and onlookers, the fourth SIU sports festival took place on May 23, 2012. As well as SIU students, athletes and teams from SIU’s partners also participated such as the Institute of Asian Studies, the International Asian School, and Yakult company.

This year’s SIU Sports Festival included seven events with five traditional ones – football, table tennis, table soccer, tug of war, sack racing – and two newly added events – slow cycling and marathon. Various types of sports and the new ranking system really increased both the quality and the quantity of the competition. Unwavering support from the fans contributed to the enthusiastic athletes’ efforts.

The first prize went to class A of the Bachelor Program – Course 2. They fully deserved the prize with their efforts and performance.

Football is not counted as part of the total outcome for teams. Yakult’s football team, possessing many excellent players, successfully retained its championship. The award ceremony took place on the night of the “ Singing with Stars Program” on June 20, 2012.


– SIU Sports Festival 2012 Results

Winner: Class A of the Bachelor Program – Course 2

Runners-up: Diploma to Bachelor Program class

Two third Prizes: Bachelor 1 class – Course 3 and Diploma Program class


– Football results

Winner: Yakult company

Runners-up: Class A of the Bachelor Program – Course 2

Third: Diploma to Bachelor Program class

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