General Regulations For SIU AI Lab

1.  Comply with all university safety and security regulations.
2. Comply with the regulations and guidelines on fire prevention and firefighting, rescue, and evacuation.
3. Do not bring or use prohibited and hazardous materials, tools, or devices in the AI Lab.
4. Do not bring or use flammable, combustible materials in the AI Lab.
5. Do not smoke, bring food, or litter in the AI Lab.
6. Maintain a quiet and orderly environment while in the AI Lab.
7. Strictly follow the instructions when using computers and other devices in the AI Lab, refraining from software with unknown origins or without proper permissions.
Do not move, replace, uninstall, or install any equipment in the AI Lab without permission.
8. Do not use personal computers belonging to others or any computers assigned to individuals by the University.
9. Do not change or sabotage any file or data that is not in your possession on the lab computer. Do not install any new software or tamper with the existing hardware in any manner.
10. Do not move or take any device or asset within the AI Lab outside without obtaining written permission from the AI Lab Director/SIU Leadership Board first.
11. Do not use the lab computer to launch a cyber attack; do not access any websites with prohibited content, including but not limited to reactionary, pornographic, and violent material, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
12. Comply with the University’s and AI Lab’s rights to intellectual properties.
13. Do not share or disclose any projects, information, or intellectual property from the AI Lab and the University with external individuals or organizations.
14. Do not use, simulate, or copy any asset, document, or information from the AI Lab or the University without obtaining written permission from the Lab Director and SIU Leadership Board first. Ensure that any third party associated with the AI Lab/University also adheres to these regulations.
15. Maintain strict confidentiality of all content, information, activities, documentation, manuals, regulations, policies, procedures, and intellectual property of the AI Lab/University (Confidential Information), unless prior written permission is obtained from the Lab Director and SIU Leadership Board for the use or disclosure of such Confidential Information to third parties for purposes other than conducting the AI Lab projects.

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