Scientific management and research tasks of SIU:

Firstly, renewing the mechanism of scientific research activities: The University will continue to improve the regulations on management of scientific research activities in accordance with the actual situation of the University, besides focusing on the regulations on application of research results in practice, enforcement of intellectual property rights. The school actively applies information technology to the management of science and technology activities: building management software and applying artificial intelligence.

Second, build strong research groups in the field of computer science and engineering, especially artificial intelligence. Strong research groups are considered as spearheads in the registration and implementation of scientific research projects at all levels, especially at national and local levels.

Third, linking scientific research with training, promoting scientific research activities among young staff and students. Strengthening the connection between scientific research and training activities is always interested and invested by the University. Scientific research activities for students and lecturers, especially young scientists, are conducted annually. Besides, other scientific activities such as seminars, scientific seminars, etc. are held regularly to create a learning and research environment for lecturers according to international standards.

Fourth, promote domestic cooperation, integration and international cooperation in scientific research: The university regularly promotes the expansion of these activities, in order to affirm its reputation as well as contribute to improving the quality of scientific research.