National Chi Nan University (NCNU) was established in 1995 in Pu Li Town, Nantou District, Central Taiwan. The school has a mission to preserve and promote traditional cultural values and identities, while aiming to train and foster high-quality human resources with international standards.

Currently, the school has 4 institutes, including the Institute of Humanities, the Institute of Management, the Institute of Science and Technology, and the Institute of Education. Under the leadership of Principal Professor Su Yulong, the school has 20 affiliated units with nearly 700 lecturers to serve teaching, training, management and research.
NCNU offers courses focused on social development and global impact. On the dominant fields at the present time: humanities, science and technology, management and education. The school owns a variety of different research topics, students studying abroad in Taiwan for Masters and Bachelors are free to choose the topics they like to pursue.

NCNU always aims to expand its network of international cooperation relationships with prestigious universities around the world.

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