Ming Chuan University (MCU) is a private university in Taiwan, founded in 1957. The school is named after Liu Mingchuan , a progressive official of the Qing dynasty.
MCU is recognized as Taiwan’s leading international university, welcoming students from around the world. The school creates a unique world-class educational experience, with the goal of creating creative and innovative global citizens, ready to become the world leaders of tomorrow.

MCU offers study programs in many different fields such as Communication, Design, Management, Technology, Languages, Law, and Tourism. The school has three training campuses in Taipei, Kinmen and Michigan.
In the QS Asian University Rankings 2023, MCU is ranked 551-6002. In the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2023, MCU is ranked 1501+23.

MCU was also recognized with exemplary awards. The school offers international students scholarships such as the Southeast Asian Student Scholarship and the Scholarship for Outstanding Students in Class.
MCU is proud of its vision and mission, which is to create a comprehensive educational environment where students can develop comprehensively, from professional knowledge to soft skills, to become global citizens. bridge.

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