Why choose Logistics and Supply Chain Management?

Pioneering: A relatively young industry in the education system in Vietnam and internationally. In Vietnam, the Logistics major was opened by a few schools in 2008, but the official code was only issued in 2017. Therefore, choosing a professional training environment in the Logistics industry helps students to join the group early. pioneers in the field, establishing the advantage of the first in a key economic sector and indispensable in the development of all countries. In Vietnam, the logistics industry is growing in size and diversity in operations, opening up enormous opportunities for career and career development.

Technology: Not out of the general trend of the Scientific and Technological Revolution 4.0 and digital transformation is taking place strongly, Logistics and supply chain management is a strong applied discipline in science and technology. Logistics personnel will always be updated with the latest advancements to optimize work from document handling, warehouse management to container optimization, loading and unloading optimization, transportation system optimization, …

Internationality: Logistics has a strong connection between economic sectors within a country and between countries. Logistics personnel will have the opportunity to work regularly with foreign companies, organizations, multinational companies at home and abroad. Logistics personnel thereby have the opportunity to develop and advance in a dynamic and international environment.

Empirical: With nearly 10,000 Logistics enterprises, especially in Ho Chi Minh City area. Ho Chi Minh City has opened up great opportunities for students to practice and experiment since they were still in school. With many young and dynamic businesses, technology ideas, suggestions, technical improvements, and useful solutions from students will be ready to be tested, helping students quickly integrate into the working environment. professional.

Dynamic: With the business environment always moving and new problems constantly appearing, personnel choosing Logistics and supply chain management will always face new problems to deal with, challenges. new to conquer, both difficult and exciting. It is also the way to practice discipline, knowledge, to increase the value of each individual, to constantly improve and develop to achieve success.

Study Logistics at SIU – Different and outstanding

Constantly updating international training trends
Studying Logistics at SIU, students will inherit a modern training program that is always updated with the latest findings and achievements from leading training institutes, universities, organizations and companies in Logistics in the region. region and around the world. The training program is designed to be flexible, scalable, transformative and close to the common standards for a global Logistics employee. Logistics students of SIU are given all favorable conditions to take the exam and gain international certificates in Logistics and supply chain management.
Saigon International University is known for its strong investment in technology. Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT) are indispensable components in Logistics development and supply chain management in the digital transformation era. Logistics students of SIU will learn and operate in a high-tech and progressive environment. In particular, the Simulation Center for Logistics industry is also being researched and built by SIU in the near future.
Foreign languages ​​are a strength of students studying in Logistics at Saigon International University. Not only language, SIU students are trained and experienced in culture, behavior as well as international practices from living to commercial to facilitate working and communicating with international partners in Vietnam. South as well as abroad.
After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Networking and Information Security, SIU’s students can continue their master’s and doctoral studies at universities in Vietnam and the United States, UK, Australia, Canada,…. Specific transfer criteria will be set by the chosen university.

Accompanying students to start a business
Not only stopping at cheering for the startup movement, SIU has established a Startup Center to promote, support, incubate ideas, connect startup projects with SIU’s startup ecosystem. and Country. In addition to the available synchronous and modern facilities, a great advantage for Logistics students at SIU is that they can easily find companions in the start-up process (co-founders) from the IT industry, business administration, marketing, in order to supplement the “pieces” to complete the startup idea.
In addition, the activities of the Logistics Club will complement the development of teamwork skills as well as other soft skills through club activities, students doing scientific research as well as participating in conferences. specialized knowledge test.

Nurturing and nurturing young leadership talents
Currently, SIU is running a program “Scholarships for businesses to sponsor young leaders” worth 30% of the full course fee. And maybe even get a full scholarship with excellent students. A great privilege Saigon International University is giving students to choose “Logistics and Supply Chain Management”.
In short, with a modern training program, high-tech environment, foreign language strength, perfect start-up support, exciting club activities and attractive scholarship program, study “Logistics and Supply Chain Management” application” at SIU will bring students distinct differences from other training institutions. Thereby highlighting the values, promoting the strengths of each student, helping students confidently assert their talents and develop.

Industry highlights

Statistics corner

Regarding university training, as of October 2021, there are 49 logistics schools/specialized schools (out of a total of 286 universities across the country) with a total enrollment of 4,100 targets and the total number of followers. about 7,000 students (Source: Vietnam Logistics Report 2021).

In the period of 7/2021 – 7/2022 alone, there are 31 foreign investment projects and 19 joint venture projects investing in Vietnam in the field of Logistics with a total capital of more than 480 million USD (Source: Foreign Investment Agency). outside, Ministry of Planning and Investment). Logistics is an industry with an increasing amount of FDI.

Logistics human resources are currently concentrated mainly in the Southeast region and the Red River Delta where the density of logistics service enterprises is the largest in the country, respectively 13,026 and 9,601 enterprises, accounting for 76.2% of the total number of logistics enterprises. Logistics enterprises nationwide. City only. Ho Chi Minh City has 9,885 enterprises (Source: Data of the General Statistics Office in 2019).

Forecasting the demand for logistics human resources in Vietnam in the period 2021-2025 at Logistics service enterprises and manufacturing and trading enterprises is 1,022,133 people (Source: Vietnam Logistics Report 2021).

Admission conditions

● Admissions criteria in 2022: 100 students

● Major code: 7510605

● Tuition fee (including 30% scholarship for the whole course): 19,454,975 VND/semester

● Training time: 3.5 – 4 years

● Admissions methods:

+ 12th grade’s results

+ Review grade 12 transcripts

+ Admission is based on the results of the competency assessment exam of Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City 2022

+ Results of 5 semesters (2 semesters of 10th grade, 2 semesters of 11th grade and 1st semester of 12th grade)

● Admissions combinations:

A00 (Math, Physics, Chemistry); A01 (Math, Physics, English); D01 (Math, Literature, English); C00 (Literature, History, Geography).

Job opportunity

Graduates can do:

– Logistics enterprises, production enterprises, import-export enterprises and other enterprises:

* Technical staff, field

* Administrative staff, office

* Personnel coordination – supervision

* Personnel administration – executive

– Start a business, open a company

– Continue learning to improve knowledge