Lecturer And Staff’s Perspectives About The Library

Mr. Jose Rewel J. Santural (Ph.D) – SIU lecturer

SIU Library was opened to meet the needs of students in studying and research. SIU Library is equipped with research materials and books in order to help improve students’ research skills. The library is also a treasure trove of knowledge that contributes to student development. At the SIU library, students can read books and explore themselves through learning and entertainment materials with modern amenities. SIU Library also has a team of friendly, enthusiastic staff who are ready to help students when needed.

Mr. Bruce Graham (MA) – SIU lecturer

The Library of Alexandria of the Saigon International University is an airy, clean, well-lit and comfortable space for students, lecturers and staff to read, research and relax. Students can access the Internet via modern computer systems or employ the digital library to read documents. Library staff are always ready to assist everyone with documents look-up and other researching requests.

Ms. Nguyễn Thị Hồng Dung – English lecturer

The Saigon International University Library is a high-quality library, effectively serving the learning and research needs of students and lecturers. I find that the library has a very scientific arrangement of documents so that readers can have access to the resources easily and quickly. As a lecturer, I often go to the library for reference or to do my research in order to improve my professional knowledge. I am especially interested in the data lookup tool provided by the digital library because of its accuracy and convenience.

Mr. Nguyễn Long Tiên – English lecturer

The Saigon International University Library is a wonderful learning environment for students. The library has a variety of books, newspapers, and journals related to the students’ fields of study, therefore, helping them to expand their knowledge base and do more in-depth research in their chosen fields. The library is always updated with new books and journals, helping students keep up with the changes of reality.

Ms. Phan Thị Thanh Vân – Office staff

For SIU students, lecturers and staff, the library is an ideal learning and research environment. As for our staff, the library is not only a place to study and supplement knowledge but also a great place for entertainment during lunch breaks. I feel very comfortable coming here to read my favorite books or magazines because the library is spacious and airy and quiet, which is suitable for reading and relaxing.

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