Jinwen University of Science and Technology (JUST) is a private university located in Xindian District , New Taipei City, Taiwan. JUST was established with the goal of meeting the needs of human resource development for domestic industry. The university focuses on improving the quality of teaching in both theory and practice.

JUST offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs in a variety of fields, including business, engineering, design and the humanities. The university has six faculties, including the Faculty of Business, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Design, Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality, and Faculty of Education. Each department offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs. JUST School is famous for fields such as Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Environmental Science and Graphic Design.

JUST School is ranked 97th in Taiwan and 5049th in the world in 2023. JUST always focuses on improving the quality of teaching and has been considered a school of Excellence Project sponsored by the Ministry of Education (MOE). To improve students’ competitiveness in career fields, the university also pays special attention to bilateral cooperation between universities and actively promotes the exchange of domestic and foreign interns.

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