I-Shou University, Taiwan, was established in 19861. I-Shou University aims to become an outstanding educational institution, promote comprehensive and lifelong learning, and contribute for communities and industries globally. The school’s mission is to create a rich, respectful learning environment for all students, staff and faculty.

I-Shou University currently includes 9 faculties, 43 programs and departments, 15 master’s programs, and 7 doctoral programs. The school’s typical educational fields include the Faculty of Smart Science & Engineering, Faculty of Science & Engineering, Faculty of Management, Faculty of Communication & Design, Faculty of International Affairs, Faculty of Tourism & Hospitality, Faculty of Language Arts, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Medical Sciences & Technology.
In the 2023 global rankings, I-Shou University is ranked 1201-15005, and is ranked 401-450 in the Asian University Rankings 20236.

I-Shou University has great potential to produce innovative and quality professionals through apprenticeship and cooperation between academia and industry of Taiwan and regional countries.

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