Guidelines and Regulations for Using Equipment and Robots

Guidelines and Regulations for Using Equipment and Robots

Registering for equipment borrowing and use
Eligible borrowers
For staff and faculty: Request the Equipment Manager to generate a borrow card on the software and give your signature before taking the equipment.
For students: Students conducting research or thesis are eligible for equipment borrowing. Students may contact their academic advisor to proceed with the borrowing procedure on their behalf. The advisor shall take responsibility for maintenance, safekeeping, and compensation in case the student damages the equipment.

Regulations for borrowing – returning equipment
The returned device must be operational, intact, and without change or alteration to any of its internal parts. The size, shape, color, and structure of the returned device must be in the same state compared to when it was borrowed.
The device must be returned by the due date specified on the borrow card. Late return will result in a penalty in accordance with the degree of violation.
The Equipment Manager is responsible for checking the external features, functions, and internal parts of the device, ensuring there is no damage.
In case of damage(s), the Lab has the right to request compensation from the borrower in the form of a repair fee/repurchase cost.

Regulations on equipment use
Strictly comply with the instructions on device use and assembly provided by the Equipment Manager and the attached manual.
Follow the instructions for using and assembling the device provided in the manual and comply with electrical safety precautions.
Do not change or alter the structure or parts of the robot without obtaining permission from the Equipment Manager.
In case of an accident beyond the borrower’s control, immediately report it to the Equipment Manager; do not proceed to repair the device without any permission.
Refrain from putting a robot or electronic device in any place with direct sunlight and/or high humidity, where the temperature exceeds 30C or falls below 10C.
Do not charge the device overnight, unplug it when the charging is complete.
Staff needs to clean the Lab equipment frequently to guard against damage.

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