Graduation Internship

Graduation Internship
Graduation internship is applicable to students who have completed their 7th semester (for university students) or their 5th semester (for college students).

1. The University organizes thorough training sessions in order to equip students with necessary skills for the internship at the end of September.
2. Students are required to secure an internship placement on their own efforts. In case the student fails to secure a suitable internship placement, he/she may contact one of the companies in the list of companies sponsoring the internship of SIU from October to December.
3. The University issues reference letters for students’ internship in December.
4. Students are required to send to the University the information related to their internship placement and the preliminary outline on the internship at the end of December.
5. The University assigns internship supervisors in February.
6. Students implement their internship at the establishment from February to May.
7. Students are required to submit their internship reports at the end of May to June.
Students must strictly comply with the regulations on  internship prescribed by the University and the assignment of the internship establishment.
 Students are required to follow the direction of the internship establishment
Students are encouraged to maintain a humble and progressive attitude

Internship is not only considered an academic activity, but also an opportunity for students to hone their communication skills and adjust their behavior in a collective working environment.

Students are required to comply with the regulations on working hours prescribed by the internship establishment
Students are encouraged to dress neatly and politely during the internship
Students must comply with rules on using equipment prescribed by the internship establishment and make compensation for any damage (if any)
Students must not copy data sources owned by the internship establishment without the permission of the internship supervisor.
Students must contact their internship supervisors weekly in order to report on the internship progress and ask for guidance (if necessary).
Students are not allowed to change his/her internship location. In case the student fails to complete the internship with plausible reasons, he/she must seek a written approval from the Chancellor and the internship establishment.

The internship advisory council of SIU is always side-by-side with the students. For inquiry and guidance, please contact us via email:

Or via phone call:

Ms. Nguyễn Thị Thảo Phương: 0905 477 183
Ms. Văn Thị Thiên Hà: 0914 812 542
Mr. Phạm Quang Trường: 0938 040 002
Academic Affairs: (028) 54 093 931

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