Fire prevention and fighting at GAIE.

Pursuant to decree No. 35/2003/NĐ-CP on April 04, 2003 of the Government, regulation in details some requirements in fire prevention and fighting Law, and based on the real demand for fire prevention and fighting at all campuses of GAIE, The Fire Department of Dist. 1 helped carry out training in fire prevention and fighting for GAIE.
On March 31, 2013, The Fire Department of Dist. 1 and GAIE jointly held a training session in fire prevention and fighting with the aim of providing the fire unit of GAIE with basic knowledge about fire and explosions, handling fire cases in time, ensuring safety for teachers, staff, and especially for all students.

Overview of the training

Mr. Tran Quang Duc, who is working at Fire Department of Dist.1, was in charge of this training. He started with basic knowledge and law on fire prevention and fighting. Laws on fire prevention and fighting have been in effect since October 4, 2001, including 9 chapters and 65 clauses, stating that any citizen with normal strength – above 18- have to take part in the process of fire prevention and fighting.

Mr. Tran Quang Duc was disseminating knowledge about fire prevention and fighting

Mr. Tran Quang Duc showed some data and fire cases in the last few years in Vietnam, and indicated reasons for fire like gas, electricity, dry weather, and other subjective factors from humans. Attendees have a better understanding of the danger of fire cases and try to stay alert to fire at every place all the time.

Attendees showed interest in fire theory

Mr. Trang Quang Duc also offered instructions in how to effectively carry out fire prevention and fighting at schools such as establishing a fire prevention and fighting unit which includes 5 groups:

+ Information group: in case of fire, call 114 and indicate the exact location of fire.
+ Human survival group
+ Property protection group
+ Guard group: in charge of blocking all outsiders to trespass
+ Maintenance group: in charge of checking and maintaining fire equipment

Take a test after the theory session

Firefighters from the Fire Department of Dist. 1 introduced tools and equipment that are widely used in fire prevention, instructed how to use extinguishers and other equipment, and showed methods in saving victims in fire cases.

Practise escaping from fire by rope

Practice saving victims who escape by rope

After the instructions, attendees take turn to practice again under the observation of the firefighters from the Fire Department of Dist. 1, who admitted all staff members manipulated the lessons efficiently.

Practise using fire equipment

Practice using extinguishers

The training was a successful event and helped the fire unit of GAIE have a better understanding of regulations in fire prevention and fighting issued by the Government. All staff members are equipped with basic knowledge about fire, explosions, situation handling and measures in fire prevention and fighting. GAIE is committed to continuing to cooperate with local brigades to carry out this issue seriously in order to ensuring the absolute safety for all students and staff members.

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