Artificial intelligence

According to experts, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is currently a race of domestic and foreign technology giants. AI has the potential to be applied in all areas of life, so it is not surprising that leading technology companies in the world as well as in the country have invested a lot (people, computing infrastructure) in building large-scale AI centers. From there, they will research and develop unique application products to affirm their position on the technology map of the world.
Although they have quickly grasped the trend of AI technology, most of the leading technology companies still face many difficulties in developing high-quality human resources, experts and AI engineers. In order to get quality human resources, many technology companies have a lot of regimes and incentives to attract experts in the field of AI.
According to some of the latest reports in 2021 on the IT market in Vietnam, the salary of an AI engineer is the position with the highest average monthly salary among IT engineers, reaching 3,054 USD (about 70 million VND). twice the salary of Big Data engineers, about 2 times more than Backend engineers or game programmers, 9.5 times more than IT Helpdesk positions. In the list of 10 IT positions with the highest monthly salary, AI engineer salary ranks 7th, only after the top 6 positions belong to management levels and technology architects. Currently, the position with the highest average monthly salary is CTO, CIO with 5,776 USD (about 132 million VND).

Computer networks & information security

Today’s computer network has become an important factor, a bridge for information exchange between individuals, organizations and businesses on a global scale, and plays an indispensable role in the management process. , operating activities, production and business of organizations and enterprises. We surf the web, check email, make VoIP calls or hold online conferences, etc., all on our computers. All these applications are realized by connecting the networks of computers together. Thus, the construction and management of the network system is very important.
Computer Networking and Information Security is a discipline that studies the principles and methods of designing, building, operating and administering a network system from local networks to wide area networks with global connectivity; user administration, monitoring and coordination of other activities related to the entire computer network. This course helps students master today’s popular network technologies such as electronic mail, file transfer, information communication, or advanced technologies such as cloud computing, grid computing, computing. distributed computing, data center construction and operation, information system safety and security,
The training program for Computer Networking and Information Security is creating a lot of attraction with the increasingly urgent demand for human resources in the context of the current era of revolutionary technology. With many breakthroughs and new points in the training program, SIU’s major in Computer Networking and Information Security aims to update new, comprehensive, in-depth and most modern knowledge to help learners adapt in the integration period, and at the same time meet the increasing human resource needs of the society in the face of the continuous change of the world.

Software engineer

Students who study a bachelor’s program in Software Engineering after graduation are awarded a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. This is a program that combines theory and practice of Computer Science, equipping students with the knowledge and skills necessary to adapt to the world of information technology.
Graduates with a bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering are not only capable of programming, but also have the ability to develop computer systems, design software, and set up information processing systems. Furthermore, the bachelor’s program in Software Engineering prepares students with other necessary skills such as: critical thinking, the ability to analyze, synthesize, and solve problems.
In addition to the basic knowledge in the field of computers, graduates of the bachelor’s program majoring in Software Engineering also receive intensive training in the field of software, being able to program from mobile phones through smart phones. intelligence, games to robot development, etc. At the same time, it helps students develop soft skills such as leadership, management and communication.
To receive a bachelor’s degree taught in Vietnamese, students must complete a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and obtain a TOEIC certificate of at least 500 points from ETS – USA.
After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in computer science, students of Saigon International University can continue their master’s and doctoral studies at universities in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, etc. Specific transfer criteria will be set by the chosen university.

Big data

Nowadays, the role of Big Data is extremely important. There have been many organizations and technology corporations that are investing in developing strongly such as: Apple, Intel, Dell, Facebook, Google, Amazon… According to ResearchAndMarkets statistics, this field is valued up to 162, 6 billion USD in 2021 and reach 273.4 billion USD in 2026, a forecast growth of 11% per year. Therefore, job opportunities in the field of big data are more open than ever.
Along with that, the remuneration and salary regime is recorded as quite high compared to the common ground. According to TopDev’s IT Market Report 2021, the positions with attractive income levels are Data Scientist ($2,032), Data Engineer ($1,737), Big Data Engineer ($1,695), IT Business Analyst ($966). .
In Vietnam, according to data from VietnamWorks, the average income of an employee in the big data industry is usually around 800 – 1,100 USD/month for new graduates with less than 2 years of experience. For long-term employees, it can be much larger.
However, although businesses currently pay a very high remuneration, it is still difficult to attract quality human resources for these positions.