Our mission is to produce competent, critically thinking, interdisciplinary minded graduates, who respect others and invaluably contribute to all types of organizations nationally and globally.

Core values

School of Business and Law pursues on its academic excellence grounded in its values.

Competence – As members of the faculty, we develop our skills and knowledge in our disciplines by engaging in relevant research activities.

Responsibility – As members of the School, we embrace the responsibility for serving our students and facilitating their learning by developing high quality training programs and providing high quality educational environment.

Innovation – Continually improving in all areas of the School is our goal to pursue excellence in training. We ensure that all faculty and staff will engage in academic and non-academic activities to develop their professional skills and knowledge.

Integrity – Faculty, staff, and administrators value high ethical standards. Honesty, integrity, and dignity are pursued in interactions with colleagues, students, parents, and all other stakeholders in and out of the school community, and they act in accordance with the standards of professional ethics set by the University at all times.

Service – We are committed to bring values to the communities we serve by providing educational activities and to share knowledge and skills to help people in the communities.

Diversity – The members of the School respect the rights, cultures, and dignity of all members of the University community; and embrace diversity, inclusion and cooperation among them.