Exploring Sky Mavis Vietnam With Siu Students

On the afternoon of October 27th, students specializing in Computer Science had a company tour to Sky Mavis Vietnam, which provided them with valuable practical experiences.

During the company tour, SIU students had a chance to learn about the coordination process among offices and listened to sharing about organizational structure. Additionally, the information about the human resource demands of the enterprise, and recruitment requirements for internships and full-time positions was provided by the company representative to those who have the passion and orientation to become technology engineers, programmers, and more in the future.

Mavis representative introducing the internship program to SIU students.

Furthermore, students also got a clear understanding of the company’s culture and developed personal branding by visiting the working space, interacting, and listening experience from their seniors in person.
It is known that self-orientation and job searching are what the young obtained from the company tour. This is a first step for them to accumulate experiences, self-evaluate their professional ability, and equip necessary soft skills, which are crucial even as students.

The students are highly enthusiastic about learning and visiting Sky Mavis Vietnam

SIU sẵn sàng chinh chiến tại ASCIS 2022Students actively ask questions about career-related matters

The fields of training related to information technology at SIU are educated according to international standards, with modern teaching methods closely tied to reality. SIU students are always ensured to be nurtured and updated with modern technological knowledge and hands-on experience. This is not only achieved within the classrooms but also through technology clubs, company tours, workshops, and more. The university frequently organizes technology competitions that attract many students, while also encouraging them to join information security competitions, domestic and international programming contests.
The talent development program of the Computer Science at SIU is developed scientifically, it flexibly updates trends in advanced education systems worldwide and aligns with the practical needs of the job market.
A representative of SIU stated: “The knowledge taught in each major at SIU is always rapidly updated to be in line with the changing times. Especially in the applied direction, the Computer Science actively integrates international certification from an early stage to ensure that students possess the necessary capabilities to meet the current workforce demand in Vietnam.

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