Da-Yeh University was founded in March 1990. The university pursues the educational spirit of a German-style technological university in Taiwan.
Da-Yeh University focuses on excellence in “Combining Theory and Practice”, “Combining Humanities and Technology”, “Apprenticeship” and “Academia-Industry Collaboration”. With these educational spirits, Da-Yeh University strives to nurture creative and high-quality talents in professional fields.

Da-Yeh University currently includes seven faculties: Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Management, Faculty of Design and Art, Faculty of Foreign Languages, Faculty of Biotechnology and Bioresources, Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality, and the Faculty of Nursing and Health.
Da-Yeh University has achieved many remarkable achievements in the field of academic research in recent years. According to the Taiwan Basic Science Index (Taiwan ESI), articles published by the Faculty of Engineering are ranked in the top 1% globally. WOS statistics also indicate notable research potential in Mechanics, Agriculture, Materials, Biology and Immunology at Da-Yeh University.
In the 2023 global rankings, Da-Yeh University is ranked 41st in Taiwan, 2636th in the world, and scores in the TOP 50% across 63 research topics.

Students at Da-Yeh University have demonstrated outstanding achievements, receiving awards from major international competitions, including the German RedDot Design Competition, the Achimedes International Invention Exhibition in Russia , International Invention Exhibition in Italy, Genius World Education Conference and Exhibition, Braun Campus Prize Taiwan, and Times Young Innovation Award.
In terms of development prospects, Da-Yeh University has demonstrated great potential in producing innovative and quality professionals through apprenticeships and collaboration between academia and industry.

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