Future prospects for accounting profession

Digital transformation in the field of accounting – auditing is an inevitable trend of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 to meet the management requirements of organizations and businesses (DN) in the context of smart technology application, artificial intelligence, etc. At the same time, it also requires the establishment of solutions to manage risks and control operations in the condition that they must comply with legal regulations on accounting.

In that context, the accounting profession becomes more attractive than ever with many opportunities and future prospects due to the arising of new professions besides the existing ones. Many experts predict (citing sources) with the opening of accounting integration and services revolving around this field, Vietnam will significantly increase job opportunities as the market for accounting consulting services expands. , beyond the national scope, penetrate into regional and international markets.

In addition, along with the development of digital technology, Gen Z will be the next generation contributing to the development of the Accounting – Auditing profession, this force is the pioneer in high-tech application, Emerging digital technology in finance and accounting helps businesses understand the business environment and increase operational efficiency. This will make the labor market of accountants more attractive when accountants can apply “technological know-how” to handle accounting situations arising in the reality of enterprises.

At the same time, the National Start-up Program has also added impetus to the accounting profession because the number of businesses increases, the demand for accounting human resources will increase, because this is one of the mandatory provisions of the accounting profession. Law on Accounting on accounting personnel when establishing enterprises. Statistics show that (quoting sources), enterprises registered for new business in 2019 were 138,139 enterprises, in 2020 reached 134,941 enterprises, in 2021, 116,839 enterprises. Although the average number of businesses suspending operations due to the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic from 2019 to 2021 is 45,580 enterprises/year, the average number of enterprises returning to operation over the above 3 years is 53,056 enterprises/year.

The attractive income level is also one of the reasons why the accounting profession has never been “hot”. Many recent survey results (source) show that accounting leads the way in employment rate and the industry’s income is 20% to 30% higher than some other industries. If holding the position of general accountant or chief accountant of small and medium enterprises, the income ranges from 20-30 million VND. In case individuals with foreign language skills can work at large companies, FDI companies, the income can be up to 80-100 million VND.

Orientation to training accounting human resources at SIU

Currently, accounting training in Vietnam has grown over the years, but the scarcity of high-quality, competitive accounting human resources that meet working criteria in an international environment is still a problem. an urgent problem for training institutions. Especially, when Vietnam joined the ASEAN Economic Community, the competitive advantage of the accounting profession has shifted from quantity to quality of human resources due to the freedom of labor movement within ASEAN.

In that context, SIU carries out the mission of training high-quality accounting bachelors, possessing in-depth knowledge of Vietnamese and international accounting, with sufficient skills, dynamism, creativity, … Quickly adapt to the working environment at home and abroad, ready to integrate in the field of accounting – auditing.

With the Corporate Scholarship for Young Leaders, in the academic year 2022-2023, Saigon International University (SIU) will accompany businesses to support accounting students with thousands of scholarships. worth 30% of the full course.

Industry highlights

Orientation to training accounting human resources at SIU

Conquer the Professional Certificate of Accounting – International Auditing at SIU
With the goal of training high-quality accounting bachelors, meeting international standards, SIU cooperates with international professional organizations to bring integrated subjects into the training program to help students shorten the time. access to international professional certificates, and at the same time can take the exam to receive this certificate instead of having to wait after graduation to start studying. This is considered a “passport” for students to be recruited at foreign companies, multinational companies or economic groups after graduation.

SIU pays special attention to practical skills (professional?) in the direction of digital transformation in training.
SIU has invested in building the most modern simulation center in Vietnam with a team of experienced lecturers, through a vivid visualization method, combining theory and reality, students at SIU will be exposure to technology applications or languages ​​that are being applied in the Accounting – Auditing industry today such as ERP software, SAP system, SQL programming languages, Power BI applications, Python programming language … application in Big Data analysis for analysis of accounting data or financial statements.

With the form of learning at the simulation center, each student will be assigned a role and perform accounting practices like in a real business, helping them confidently be able to take on the job right after graduation. .

Besides, SIU also cooperated with MISA Joint Stock Company to bring AMIS online software into teaching. This is a new generation of accounting software, integrated with many smart, simple and safe features, not only supporting data entry and reporting, but also an effective management tool in finance – accounting. maths.

SIU innovates training methods
SIU’s accounting training program is designed with the participation of experts in the field of Accounting – Auditing of international professional organizations, leading Accounting – Auditing companies in Vietnam. , multinational economic groups. These will be interesting experiences to help students gain valuable experience such as methods of handling accounting situations in practice, errors that may be encountered when performing work… Accordingly, students will to study and practice accounting work at enterprises from year 1 to year 4 according to the learning progress.

At the same time, SIU builds a learning environment, friendly, close connection between students, lecturers and external partners such as businesses, industry experts to promptly answer questions about expertise or career orientation for students.

SIU focuses on professional ethics education and skills training for students
SIU highly appreciates the education of professional ethics for students majoring in accounting because compliance with professional ethics will help maintain a correct professional attitude, help protect and enhance the reputation of the accounting profession. creating a guarantee of high quality of services provided to customers and society.

Moreover, SIU also has many clubs that are “supported” by the school to maximize the capacity, skills and experience for each student. In particular, the Accounting – Auditing Club at SIU is not only an academic playground to improve professional knowledge for students but also an ideal environment to participate in extracurricular activities to practice skills. effective communication and teamwork skills. Thereby helping to develop soft skills, creative thinking ability, experience in handling future professional situations…

Admission conditions

● Admissions criteria in 2022: 50 students

● Major code: 7340301

● Admissions methods:

○ High School Exam Result 2022

○ 12th grade’s results

○ Admission is based on the results of the competency assessment exam of Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City 2022

○ Report card results for 5 semesters (2 semesters of 10th grade, 2 semesters of 11th grade and 1st semester of 12th grade)

● Admissions combinations:

○ A00 (Math, Physics, Chemistry)

○ A01 (Math, Physics, English)

○ C01 (Math, Literature, Physics)

○ D01 (Math, Literature, English)

Tuition fee (including 30% scholarship for the whole course): 19,454,975 VND/semester

● Training time: 3.5 – 4 years

Job opportunity

For Business Accounting majors

Graduates can become:

– Accountants at manufacturing, trading, service and construction companies in domestic and foreign companies;

– Accountants at economic groups, multinational companies. Accountants at Tax Departments, Government organizations, hospitals, schools;

– Accountants at accounting and tax reporting service companies;

– Accounting and tax consultant;

– CFO at any company;

– Open your own company and own it;

Or continue to study to improve knowledge as a teacher.

For Accounting and Auditing majors

Graduates can become:

– Internal control staff in any domestic and foreign company;

– Auditors at State or private auditing companies;

– Director of the auditing company;

Or continue to study to receive a professional certificate in International Auditing and work at international auditing firms.