Connecting And Sharing Knowledge In The Field Of Artificial Intelligence

In the digital age, artificial intelligence contributes significantly to the development of society. In order to enhance the international training and research environment and encourage individuals to develop creative thinking in research work to create valuable works, the Saigon International University organized the conference “Artificial Intelligence and Innovations” (AI & INNOVATIONS).
In previous sessions, experts reported on the applications and great prospects of artificial intelligence in fields such as health sciences, education and training, etc. Session 3 of the conference “Artificial Intelligence and Innovations” discussed the application of AI in solving problems in various fields such as transportation, finance, retail, image recognition, and more.
In his opening speech at the conference, Dr. Hoang Van Kiem – Senior Advisor, Chairman of the Academic Council, expressed: “The conference is a connection with outstanding experts to resonate and develop the power of artificial intelligence in Vietnam.”
In the opening session of the conference, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Minh Quang and Ms. Nguyen Thi Ty (from the Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology – Ho Chi Minh National University) presented on the topic: “Speech-based Traffic Data Collection Solutions.” Through experiments and evaluations, the research group concluded that Branchformer is the most suitable choice for the encoding architecture of the ASR model deployed in the UTraffic application.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Minh Quang and Ms. Nguyen Thi Ty proposed solutions, and suggestions to improve the Utraffic application in the group’s research.

UTraffic (UTraffic: Urban Traffic Estimation System) is a system that forecasts urban traffic conditions by leveraging the power of Industry 4.0 technology and community data to address core issues that have not been effectively resolved by existing solutions, contributing to reduce traffic congestion and improve safety and convenience for participants.
Presenting on the topic “Building Smart Video Analytics Applications with NVIDIA DeepStream SDK,” Dr. Vo Duc Khanh, a senior expert from the technology corporation NVIDIA Japan, provided solutions for AI applications in smart video analytics, proposing various solutions in diverse fields.

Dr. Vo Duc Khanh brought a lot of new and useful information regarding Artificial Intelligence applications worldwide.

During the conference, Dr. Vo Duc Khanh stated that technology companies are in a race to improve and upgrade hardware. However, if they only focus on hardware without delivering effectiveness for users, it will not promote the development of technology market. “The winner is the one who provides the best experience for users”, affirmed Dr. Vo Duc Khanh.
Dr. Dao Van Tuyet (Water Resources University) introduced new discoveries about the breakthrough nature of AI in image retrieval through the topic “Combining Ranking Results of Multiple EMRs in Content-based Image Retrieval”.
This is a system that allows searching visual content such as images, gif…using text-based queries. This search method is increasingly applied in various fields and creates new advancements.

Dr. Dao Van Tuyet – Water Resources University presented the topic: “Combining Ranking Results of Multiple EMRs in Content-based Image Retrieval.”

It can be seen that the conference “Innovations and Artificial Intelligence” is a forum for researchers, lecturers, students, and postgraduate students to exchange their research results, knowledge and discuss the latest technologies and applications of artificial intelligence.
With a direction in liberating education and promoting lifelong learning abilities, SIU provides students not only with a solid knowledge system but also with frequent experiences in research laboratories and internships at leading technology companies through practical projects, AI applications in economics, politics, education, healthcare, agriculture, tourism, etc.
In particular, SIU has pioneered the establishment of an AI center (SIU AI Lab) equipped with modern facilities such as AI Servers and imported robots from advanced technology companies like NVIDIA, Lambda, PAL Robotics, serving the training of high-quality human resources in the field of technology.To keep up with the development trends of society, SIU focuses on investing in facilities, along with a team of leading experts and highly qualified lecturers in the field of computer science. At the same time, SIU expands international and enterprise partnerships to provide high-quality human resources to major technology corporations in Vietnam and internationally.

Here are some highlighted images from the conference:

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