Thực tập kt & khmt

Graduation Internship

Graduation Internship Graduation internship is applicable to students who have completed their 7th semester (for university students) or their 5th semester (for college students). 1. The University organizes thorough training sessions in order to equip students with necessary skills for the internship at the end of September. 2. Students are required to secure an internship placement on their own efforts. In case the student fails to secure a suitable internship [...]

Practical internships

Practical internships Practical internships are applied to university students who have completed the 4th semester (*), facilitating students’ access to a real-life working environment and the application of the knowledge that they have accumulated; helping students establish working attitude and adjust their behavior in various work relationships (*) Note: Students of course 1 implement their practical internship after completing the 6th semester 1. The University organizes thorough training sessions in [...]

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