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Siu Students’ Perspectives About The Library

Ho Ngoc Hoang Tam – English Language As a university student, I often have to search for many different sources of documents to complete the assigned presentations or essays. Many students today still often search for documents online because of the convenience and the rich source of documents, but the downside is the lack of accuracy in the origin and citation. Fortunately, the library of the Saigon International University [...]

Lecturer And Staff’s Perspectives About The Library

Mr. Jose Rewel J. Santural (Ph.D) – SIU lecturer SIU Library was opened to meet the needs of students in studying and research. SIU Library is equipped with research materials and books in order to help improve students' research skills. The library is also a treasure trove of knowledge that contributes to student development. At the SIU library, students can read books and explore themselves through learning and entertainment [...]

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