Nội Quy

General Regulations For SIU AI Lab

1.  Comply with all university safety and security regulations. 2. Comply with the regulations and guidelines on fire prevention and firefighting, rescue, and evacuation. 3. Do not bring or use prohibited and hazardous materials, tools, or devices in the AI Lab. 4. Do not bring or use flammable, combustible materials in the AI Lab. 5. Do not smoke, bring food, or litter in the AI Lab. 6. Maintain a quiet [...]

Rules for Using Practice Tables – Rooms – Bars

I. Students must 1. Only enter the practice area accompanied by an instructor or a staff member. 2. Wear the Hospitality Management uniform and tie up their hair into a bun (for female students) during practice. - Practice at reception, tables, and bars: female students may wear skirt (with hem line not higher than 2 centimeters from the knees) or trousers. - Practice at hotel rooms: female students must wear [...]

Lab Rules and Regulations

GENERAL REGULATIONS: 1. Stay at the right place. Strictly comply with teachers and lab manager’s instructions. 2. When using machines and equipment in the computer lab, students must do as teachers instruct. Students must not break equipment, machines and other tools; must not cause damage to property and facilities of the computer lab. 3. Do not bring explosive substances into the computer lab. Do not bring food or drink into [...]

Multi-sport Court Rules

1. Don’t wear black soled shoes, high heels during games 2. Don’t throw cigarette butts, gums 3. Don’t pour water on the pitch. 4. Don’t carry tables, chairs in the premises.

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