Wave of artificial intelligence (AI)

According to experts, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is currently a race of domestic and foreign technology giants. AI has the potential to be applied in all areas of life, so it is not surprising that leading technology companies in the world as well as in the country have invested a lot (people, computing infrastructure) in building large-scale AI centers. From there, they will research and develop unique application products to confirm their position on the technology map of the world.

Although quickly grasping the trend of AI technology, most of the leading technology companies still face many difficulties in developing high-quality human resources, experts and AI engineers. In order to get quality human resources, many technology companies have many regimes and incentives to attract experts in the field of AI.

According to some of the latest reports in 2021 on the IT market in Vietnam, the salary of an AI engineer is the position with the highest average monthly salary among IT engineers, reaching 3,054 USD (about 70 million VND). twice the salary of Big Data engineers, about 2 times more than Backend engineers or game programmers, 9.5 times more than IT Helpdesk positions. In the list of 10 IT positions with the highest monthly salary, AI engineer salary ranks 7th, only after the top 6 positions belong to management levels and technology architects. Currently, the position with the highest average monthly salary is CTO, CIO with 5,776 USD (about 132 million VND).

SIU promotes professional AI human resource development roadmap

Although the salary is very high, quality human resources in the IT industry in general and AI in particular are still really scarce. According to experts’ reports, by 2020, the demand for human resources to serve AI is about 1 million people, but only about 10,000 high-quality human resources can be met. Meanwhile, in Vietnam in 2020 there is a shortage of about 100,000 and in 2021 there will be a shortage of about 190,000 IT workers. Besides, the country currently has 235 universities, including 153 IT training schools, annually only about 50,000 IT students graduate. The above statistics show that there is a huge shortage of IT human resources in our country today, especially qualified human resources. A lot of companies are still unable to recruit quality experts, IT engineers, AI. Along with the urgent need for human resources, the Vietnamese government has now identified IT, digital transformation, and AI as breakthrough and spearhead technologies that need to be deployed and researched.

In order to contribute to the training of engineers and IT experts in general, especially engineers and quality experts in AI for the domestic, regional and international labor market in the coming years, From the academic year 2021-2022, Saigon International University (SIU) enrolls students majoring in Artificial Intelligence, with scholarships ranging from 100%, 60%, and 40% for 4 years of university to candidates with good results. high learning according to regulations of SIU.

Industry highlights

Talent Scholarship Program

scholarship of 100% of 4-year tuition fees at SIU is for students who are applying for high school results in a combination of 3 subjects with 25 points or more, no priority points for areas or subjects. Or consider grade 12 transcripts with 3 combined subjects with 25 points or more and have good academic performance all year 12.

The scholarship of 60% of 4-year tuition fee at SIU is for students who are applying for high school results in a combination of 3 subjects with 23 points or more, no priority points for areas or subjects. Or consider the grade 12 transcript with 3 combined subjects with 23 points or more and have good academic performance all year 12.

A scholarship of 40% of the 4-year tuition fee at SIU is for students who apply for high school results in a combination of 3 subjects with 21 points or more, no points for priority areas or subjects. Or consider grade 12 transcripts with 3 combined subjects with 21 or more points and have good academic performance all year 12.

SIU offers a scholarship of 10% of the 1st year tuition fee for applicants nationwide.

Students majoring in Artificial Intelligence are also facilitated to enjoy rewards and sponsorships from other funding sources such as scientific research, start-ups, social activities, sponsored businesses, etc.

In order to develop high-quality human resources in artificial intelligence for the development of Vietnam, SIU encourages and supports young people with passion and aspiration for their field of study, with a special scholarship program, and a team of dedicated staff. Top class instructors. We are ready to welcome all candidates who meet the admission criteria and are qualified to conquer the Artificial Intelligence major at SIU.

Program advantages

The program is built by leading professors, scientists and experts in artificial intelligence based on the training program framework of advanced universities in the world in the field of AI such as: MIT, Stanford, CMU, etc. NUS,.. With the orientation of training high-quality AI engineers and experts, students studying this major at SIU are fully equipped with academic knowledge, experience in research labs, and internships. at leading technology companies through real projects, projects applying AI in economics, politics, education, medicine, agriculture, tourism, as well as many other areas of life. society.

Final year students will be mentored by leading national and international AI experts. Some experts are currently working at multinational technology corporations such as: Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, IBM. In addition, the modern laboratory system and high-performance computing system will help students practice and develop research skills and working skills in a professional environment. From there, graduates can become quality engineers, IT and AI experts who not only meet the human resource needs of leading domestic technology companies but also aim at the global labor market. demand, along with the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Admission conditions

● Admissions criteria in 2022: 60 students;

● Major code: 7480101

● Admissions methods

○ High School Exam Result 2022

○ 12th grade’s results

○ Admission is based on the results of the competency assessment exam of Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City 2022

○ Overall GPA of 5 semesters (2 semesters of 10th grade, 2 semesters of 11th grade and 1st semester of 12th grade)

– Admissions combinations: A00 (Math, Physics, Chemistry), A01 (Math, Physics, English), D01 (Math, Literature, English), D90 (Math, English, Science).

– Admissions combinations of 12th grade: A00 (Math, Physics, Chemistry), A01 (Math, Physics, English), C01 (Math, Literature, Physics) and D07 (Math, Chemistry, English).

● Tuition (not reduced by incentives and scholarships): 31,266,000 VND/semester

● Training period: 4 years

Program advisor and teaching staff





Job opportunity

Graduates can work:

● At all technology companies: engineers developing AI applications, engineers developing intelligent systems, automation systems, robots;

● At the departments of artificial intelligence product development, big data processing/analysis/exploitation at domestic and foreign technology corporations;

● In data analysis, investigation, survey and forecasting departments at organizations in almost every sector of the economy, at multinational corporations, banks, insurance companies, consulting firms;

● Engineers design, manufacture, deploy, operate, install, maintain and repair automation systems and equipment, robots, at all domestic and foreign enterprises;

● Expert in consulting and transferring technology for businesses with applications related to artificial intelligence and robotics;

● Technical management and administration for businesses and units dealing in robotic products, application of robots in production, manufacturing, and operation;

● Researchers, lecturers, research experts working at institutes, research centers and universities;

● Starting a business, developing artificial intelligence applications for life.