I. Purposes:

• To create a fun and meaningful event for all students.

• To promote students’ creative abilities and great artistic talent as well.

II. Participants:

• All SIU students

• The 12th graders of AIS

III. Forms

Each individual or team has an opportunity to show off their talent. These talents will vary from dancing, a musical instrument performance, storytelling, a skit performance, drawing, etc.

IV. Program

SIU’s Got Talent 2017 consists of two rounds:

• The first round:

Time & date: 2pm – 5pm, April 20, 2017

Location: Federal Hall – Lewis Campus

• The final round:

After the first round, the eight best performances from SIU students and the four performances from AHS students will be chosen to compete in the final round.

Time & date: 5:30pm – 8pm, May 5, 2017

Location: Lewis Campus

V. Registration

To register, please visit and complete all the required information on the registration form.


VI. Prizes

• The first place prize: 2.000.000 vnd

• The first runner-up prize: 1.000.000 vnd

• The second runner-up prize: 500.000 vnd

• The “Let’s shine with SIU” prize: 1.000.000 vnd

• Five consolation prizes: 300.000 vnd


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