Announcement of the “SIU students – For the health of the community” contest




– To raise student awareness of the negative effects of HIV/AIDS, while contributing to the success of a community prevention education program against this epidemic both in Vietnam and globally.

– To create an opportunity for students to develop their English public speaking skills.


  All SIU students


  1. Photo collection contest on HIV/AIDS

    1. Content

      Students collect photos of HIV/AIDS and send them to the board of organizers.

    2. Regulations

      – Multiple photos are accepted.

      – Photos can be of any size in black and white or color.

      – Modifying or distorting the original photos is not allowed.

      – Sources of the photos must be cited.

      – The photos must not have been used in any previous photo contests in Vietnam or globally.

      – The photos must be consistent with the contest’s guidelines, Vietnam’s ethics standards, customs and traditions, and are not banned for circulation. Photographic content must not be obscene or violate Vietnamese law.

      – Contestants are responsible for the copyright of the photos. The organizing board is not responsible for copyright disputes or related issues.

      – The organizing board has the right to use the photos for the purposes of the contest and the purpose of public education.

      – If the photo violates the regulations above, the organizing board will remove the photo or disqualify the award.

    3. Time

      – Time for photo submission: from Dec 5, 2012 to Dec 31, 2012

      – Photo exhibition: from Dec 31, 2012 to Jan 15, 2013

      – Prize winner announcement and awards: 9am to 11am, Jan 15, 2013

    4. How to submit the photos

      – Photos should be submitted directly (in print and computer files) to the office. Students must write their full names, student ID numbers and class at the back of the photos. Please contact Mr. Quynh – Training Department.

      – All photos will be posted on the school website at, and will be displayed on the campus.

      – In addition, students can participate in voting for their favorite photo on the school website and they will have an opportunity to get a prize from the board of organizers.

    5. Criteria

      – Clear and impressive

      – Demonstrate the impact of HIV/AIDS on humans or detail strategies in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

      – Abide by the requirements and regulations of the contest.

    6. Prizes

      – One first prize is worth 500,000 VND

      – One second prize is worth 400,000 VND

      – One third prize is worth 300,000 VND

      – Two consolation prizes are worth 200,000 VND each

      – One prize worth 200,000 VND for the photo which has the most votes

      – Five prizes for students who first voted for the photo which has the most votes. Each prize is worth 100.000 VND.

  2. English speaking contest

    1. Topic

        The effects of HIV/AIDS on humans

    2. How to join

      – Students will present the topic in English within 7 minutes and answer 2 questions from the judges in 3 minutes.

      – Deadline for registration: before 17:00 on Dec 22, 2012.

      – The contest takes place at 9am – 11am on Jan 15, 2013 at Federal Hall.

    3. Criteria

      – Fluency: 2 points

      – Clear and good pronunciation: 2 points

      – Consistent and meaningful content: 3 points

      – Audience impact: 3 points

    4. Prizes

      – One first prize is worth 1,000,000 VND plus a certificate

      – One second prize is worth 800,000 VND plus a certificate

      – One third prize is worth 600,000 VND plus a certificate

      – Two consolation prizes are worth 400,000 VND each plus certificates

      – Certificates of participation will be granted to all candidates

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