Annoucement plan for SIU commencement exercices 2012

Plan for SIU Commencement Exercices 2012

The Saigon International University would like to inform all bachelor program students of course 1 and diploma program students of course 2 of the plan for SIU Commencement Exercises 2012 as follows:

  1. Incense offering ceremony in the SIU’s traditional park
    1. – Date: December 26, 2012
    2. – Location: SIU’s traditional park
    3. – Students should be present at the Friedman Campus at 10:00 on 26/12/2012 to depart to the SIU’s traditional park by coach hired by the school.
    4. – From 13:00 to 15:00: Student will have lunch and join in team activities in the SIU’s traditional park.
    5. – From 16:00 to 18:00: incense offering ceremony
    6. – At 18:00: get back to the school
  2. Degree granting ceremony
      1. – Time: 9:00 on December 28, 2012
        Students must be at the City’s Opera House before 8:30. Students who arrive late will not be allowed to attend the ceremony.
      2. – Location: The City Opera House, 7 Lam Son Square, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1, HCMC
    1. – Students can register for their attendance until November 15, 2012 at the School’s Office (contact Ms. Trung Thuy – Manager of Administration and Student Services).
    2. – By the end of the registration period, the organization board will arrange the seats. Any delay in registration will not be accepted.
    3. – Each graduate student must submit their favorite quotations or sayings and at least 03 pictures from different stages of their life (birth, primary school, high school) from the date of notice to end of 31/10/ 2012 to Ms. Hong Dung – Education Department.
    4. – Students can check their seats in the ceremony on the school’s website from December 20, 2012.
  3. Graduation uniforms
    1. – Deposit fee for borrowing graduation uniforms: VND 600,000/per student (this will be refunded when students return the uniforms)
    2. – Students will receive graduation uniforms:
      1. At the incense offering ceremony
        1. – Time: from 14:00 to 15:00 on December 26, 2012.
        2. – Location: SIU’s traditional park
        3. – Students must return the graduation uniforms right after the incense offering ceremony
      2. Degree granting ceremony
        1. – Time: from 14:00 to 16:00 on December 27, 2012.
        2. – Location: at the Officer of Administration and Student Services of The Saigon International University.
        3. – Students will return the graduation uniforms from 14:00 to 16:00 on December 29, 2012
        4. – Students must carry their identity cards and a graduation attending registration to receive the graduation uniforms. Students who do not wear graduation uniforms cannot participate in the ceremony formalities.

      1. – Students have the responsibility to preserve the graduation uniforms. Students must compensate for the loss or damage of the graduation uniforms for whatever reason at current market price.
      2. – To ensure the rights of students, students are advised to check the graduation uniforms carefully when receiving and returning the uniforms.
      3. – If students return the graduation uniforms later than the specified date (including holidays and Sundays), the deposit fee for graduation uniforms will be refunded as follows:
        1. 75% if up to 3 days late
        2. 50% if up to 7 days late
        3. The fee will not be refunded if the graduation uniforms are returned later than 7 days.
  4. Orientation meeting before the degree granting ceremony
    1. – All registered students will attend the orientation meeting held by the organization board.
    2. – Planned time: 8:00 am on December 27, 2012.
    3. – Planned location: at the City Opera House, 7 Lam Son Square, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1, HCMC
  5. Graduation fees
    1. – The fee for graduation:
    2. All graduates will pay a graduation fee of VND 600,000 / per student (including participation fees for the incense offering and degree granting ceremonies)
    3. Graduates who do not attend the degree granting ceremony will receive the graduation certificate in English at SIU’s Academic Office (contact Mr. Duc Quynh – International Program Manager)
    4. – The graduation attendance fee (including incense offering and degree granting ceremonies) for students who are not eligible for graduation, students of other courses and parents is 300,000 VND / per person.
  6. Regulations
    1. – The male graduates wear long-sleeved white shirt, tie, dark trousers (absolutely no jeans) and shoes.
    2. – Female graduates wear long-sleeved white shirt and dark skirt (must be long over the knee) or dark trousers (absolutely no jeans) and shoes.
    3. – Students wear gowns and hats; tassels must be positioned to the left.
    4. – Improperly dressed students will be denied attendance to the graduation recognition ceremomy. Students must sit at the prescribed seats in the theater.
    5. – Participants must strictly follow the formalities of the ceremony (instructions will be provided in the orientation meetings at the City Opera House).
    6. – Cell phones must be turned off and do not speak privately during the ceremony (in case of violation, the students will be asked to leave the theater).
    7. – During the ceremony, the students do not leave the hall unless signaled to do so.
    8. – Students must keep their personal belongings during the incense offering and degree granting ceremonies. The school will not be responsible for any damage or loss of property of students.
HCMC., October 22, 2012
Organization Board of SIU Commencement 2012

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