Success story of alumni

From generation to generation, SIU students have acquired certain success and reached for their dreams and ambitions. The success of students is the greatest pride of the University. With a desire to build and connect The SIU alumni will become a large community, commend elite alumni as well as inspire new students with passion for study, The Saigon International University would like to upload success stories, dreams, living and working experience of The SIU alumni to the University’s website. The SIU wishes to receive positive feedbacks from all alumni.

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Success story of alumni:

“SIU is the place that raised my step and opened the door of knowledge for me to enter life. Now, I will confidently walk on the path that I have chosen. As a young and enthusiastic English teacher at the School Thu Duc High School, I’m still trying my best to show and promote my professional abilities.I’m always confident with what I’m equipped with at SIU, the lectures, the teachers’ advice are still printed. I’m still proud of being a student of SIU and always will be!”

Nguyen Ngoc Huyen Ngan
Department of English Language
Alumni of the 2nd semester of University

“In work and life, I always promote teamwork, try to be sociable, and always open up relationships to find opportunities for myself. I feel very fortunate to be surrounded by colleagues. help and guide a lot of working experience at the company.”

Nguyen Anh Duy
Business management
Alumni of the 2nd semester of University