A Day Becoming Fpt Telecom Employee Of Siuers

Recently, students of Saigon International University (SIU) had a visit to FPT Telecom Joint Stock company. This is an opportunity for them to gain practical experience and have a specific perspective on the current job market.
In addition to receiving information about FPT Telecom, the students were guided to visit the working and entertainment space to gain a better understanding of the company’s culture, observe the professional working space arrangement.

The modern working space at FPT Telecom left a strong impression on Siuers.

During the event, Mr. Le Giang Nguyen, Head of the Business Marketing Group at FPT Medicare Project, shared his journey of accompanying FPT Telecom. He enthusiastically informed the students about job opportunities and challenges in pursuing a career in the business sector.
As part of the program, Ms. Vo Thi Kim Hong, Recruitment Manager at the Human Resources Department of FPT Telecom, answered questions regarding recruitment policies.
“FPT do not seek for the best employees but the most suitable ones. Therefore, you should have confidence in improving yourself and boldly demonstrate your uniqueness”, Miss Kim Hong emphasized.

The talk show helped students gain a deeper understanding of the industry, the profession and the necessary skill to be confident to enter the job market in the future.

These straightforward answers from company representatives help students visualize the reality of their field. This trip played an important role in helping them recognize their own limitations, allowing them to develop themselves with confidence.

Siuers raised questions about career development opportunities, personal branding and recruitment criteria to FPT Telecom representatives.

After the visit, Le Thi Quynh – a student majoring in Marketing expressed her feelings: “I feel excited to directly observe the professional and modern working environment at FPT Telecom. This trip has motivated me to become a future employee of the company. Moreover, listening to the sharing from people working in the industry has helped me understand and equip myself with the necessary skills to confidently apply to the company”.
Engaging with various enterprises and organizations, the university’s curriculum at SIU highlights the importance of company visits. These practical trips prepare students with practical knowledge about the culture, working environment, and recruitment requirements of businesses. Furthermore, students gain early and solid career orientations through the sharing and evaluations from enterprise leaders.
Here are some notable images from the visit:

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